What the Human Race Could Look Like if We Last a Million More Yearsscience

What the Human Race Could Look Like if We Last a Million More Years

According to Science Alert, several species come into being only in a period of transition. Thus, when this period is over, they succumb to extinction, become a different species, or alter as time passes because of changes in the environment and sporadic mutations. In fact, according to the Oxford University Press, a typical and usual mammalian species is assumed to exist for one million years. Science Alert notes that humans today, Homo sapiens, have existed for around 300,000 years. This, thus, presses a concerning question: what happens to the human race when the race reaches its one-millionth year? ALSO READ: 6th Mass Extinction Now Happening? Study Reveals Current Species Die-Off on Earth Caused by Humans The Future of the Human Race Beyond a Million Years of Existence Sci-fi writer H.G. Wells was among the first to think about how humans can become alien-like over time. In his essay entitled Man of the Year Million in 1883, Wells noted his visions of what has become commonly accepted: creatures with small bodies and big brains. He speculated that the human race might divide and become at least two types of species. Though these evolutionary notions have not seen fruit over time, the three primary possibilities that Wells noted could still be true. Science Alert notes that there is still a possibility for humans to become extinct, become different species, or change altogether. With the advancement of technology and biotechnology, the probability of this occurrence may significantly rise.

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