These Are The Olaplex Products People Actually Can't Stop Talking Abouthealth

These Are The Olaplex Products People Actually Can't Stop Talking About

Chances are that you know of the iconic haircare brand, Olaplex. Whether you're a total beauty product lover like us editors here at Women's Health, often see the products lined up at your local salon, or have heard about the cult-favorite bonding oil from your fave influencer, there's no questioning that the brand is legendary. And, I'm here to tell you that it's not all hype. Peep a few of the most top-rated Olaplex products, below: Plus, thousands of reviewers are fans of the brand, too. Look at Sephora or Amazon, and you'll see that nearly all the bestselling hair products are from Olaplex. The best part about the brand is that it's loved by tons of different types of people with distinct hair types. Whether your hair is curly, fine, dry, damaged, bleached, or oily, there's an Olaplex shampoo or strengthening hair mask with your name on it, though the brand mostly caters towards people who want to repair particularly damaged hair. So, if you're anything like most people and have spent years dying and frying your hair with hot tools, the brand is a great fit for you. Designed to make hair look and feel healthier, see below for the 10 most famous, best-tested Olaplex products..

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