The Best Gift for Anyone and Everyone Is a Really Good Cupfood

The Best Gift for Anyone and Everyone Is a Really Good Cup

The holiday season is here, and in addition to all the snacks and visits with family, that also means spending hours figuring out which gifts to buy for all the people in your life. The process of gift-hunting can be seriously overwhelming, especially when you've got a bunch of picky folks on your gifting list. But there is an easy solution, one that addresses a need that every human on Earth has every single day: Just buy everyone on your list a really great cup. And of course, we're not talking about a basic drinking glass, here. A great insulated cup is nigh impossible to break, often comes with a spill-proof lid, and is a true luxury, even for people who think they don't care what kind of vessel their beverage is served in. They're also environmentally friendly, and won't break the budget if you've got a lot of gifts to buy this year. There are a slew of drinking cups on the market, all of which will perform the basic function of holding liquid, but these five are totally gift-worthy in that they make something as mundane as drinking water or sipping a mug of coffee feel just a little bit fancy..