Ride Along with Virgin Galactic's 1st Launch From Spaceport America in This Awesome Video
A dramatic video lets us all fly along on Virgin Galactic's latest spaceflight, which occurred over the weekend. The VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo suborbital vehicle aced its third flight to the final frontier on Saturday morning (May 22), a test mission that was the first to lift off from Virgin Galactic's commercial hub, Spaceport America in New Mexico. Later that day, the company released a video featuring highlights of the flight captured by cameras on Unity, on its carrier aircraft VMS Eve, and on the ground. For example, there's up-close footage of Unity separating from Eve and firing up its onboard rocket motor, which powers the winged vehicle to suborbital space. Related: How Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo works (infographic) We also get to see great shots of our home planet against the blackness of space -- and hear the reaction of veteran pilots C.