About Us

Why Brightly News is Better

Do you ever get tired of reading the same sad news?

We do, too.

A person reading the news on their mobile phone.

Pandemics. Winter freezes. Conflict, and political drama. People fighting in one way or another… it can all get tiresome after a while.

Studies say watching the news increases negative feelings. Yet over 8.7 million people watch the news on 363 local news stations for an average of 5.9 hours a day. Plus, the amount of screen time spent reading news online from sources such as social media. That’s a lot of negativity.

Brightly News is a source for fun and positive news stories.

Our Purpose and Values

At Brightly News we believe that:

Awareness is Important

We believe everyone in a democracy should inform themselves about current events. That’s the point of news – to inform. To be a good citizen, you must know what’s going on in the world. Otherwise, you won’t be prepared for disasters or understand people as well.

But So is Mental Health

At the same time, taking a break to see the brighter sides of life is crucial for mental health. If all you read is negative news, that’s what will dominate your thoughts, feelings, and actions. That’s why we provide a bright spot in news – to give you a break from the negativity. We’re human, too, so we know what it’s like to need something good in a world full of bad news. We exist for you.

What We Do

Brightly News articles are divided into 8 categories: Business, Entertainment, Food, General, Health, Science, Sports, and Technology. Check them out at the top of this page to find your favorites!

You might recognize many of the popular news organizations we link to. They include:

  • NY Times
  • Washington Post
  • Forbes
  • Business Insider
  • Wired
  • Fox Sports
  • YouTube
  • And more!

We’re continuously adding new sources for news too.

Our Process

These days, it’s hard to find positive news stories. For every 1,000 articles we review, only about 50 are positive enough to make it to our site. We filter out 95 percent of content so our users can take a break and find that mere five percent of positivity in one place. We use sentiment analysis to analyze each article’s title, which gets a “polarity” score to determine how positive or negative it is. If the title is too doom-and-gloom, we toss it.

A funnel filtering many news sources into only positive news stories.

If you’re ready to ditch the negativity for a while, you’re in luck! We add positive news stories all day, so you’ll always have fresh content at your fingertips.

How to Get More Positive News Stories

If you enjoy our articles, why not contribute to the cause? To help us spread positive news stories, sign up for an account to submit URLs of your favorite articles. In just a few clicks, you’ll have spread more positivity by giving us new content to review. It’s totally worth it!

Thank you for supporting us. Here’s to more positivity in the world.